The Invitation

Wake up eyes open phone beeping new notification- oh crap- 8 new notifications bleary eyed reading before I get out of bed into shower reading phone as I head down the stairs pause on the last step to answer an email breakfast can wait porridge in the microwave empty the dishwasher microwave beeps phone beeps can we postpone our appointment what appointment? the appointment due 2 hours ago oh Lord… head like sieve apologise profusely eat cold porridge check all the boxes who do I need to call back? who do I need to double check appointments with? where’s my passport? write new prayer update can’t remember what’s happened, check calendar- was that last week? it seems like yesterday and months ago simultaneously what’s next what’s now what’s- new message please pray urgent hopeless pain tears confusion why, God, why-

Be still

-supposed to be my day off someone just cancelled another just postponed why am I hungry is it that time already can’t concentrate try to read and pray re-read the same line 10 times what are You trying to say another cup of tea surely caffeine will do the trick fold half the laundry forgot to update so-and-so write email get sucked into facebook forget about the laundry can I check in now or do I have to wait can so and so stay in your room tomorrow yep got to change sheets laundry is still on the bed-

Be still…

-no time blog post birthdays fish on the grill the price of stamps has gone up again did I send that thank you card? who do I need to contact before next week i wonder if they’ll let me stay the night happy tail wagging wondering where’s my dinner did I remember to brush my teeth this morning beep new email thank you so much I believe in you you can do it-

Be still. Be still and know that I am God.

Be still?

Be still.



Still-surrender… peace…


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