More Student Weekend Stories

Here are the full student testimonies that I couldn’t squeeze into my tiny newsletter!

The Every Nation student weekend is one of the most exciting and the most mind-blowing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It was like a complete explosion and expansion of the way I saw God and His plans. From the very moment our relationship with Him was separated because of the first sin, He already had everything planned, to give us Jesus Christ to bring us back to Him. His love for us is that great and I thought, how crazy and wonderful is that? It completely blew my mind and it made me realise that there is nothing to worry about because all is God’s plan. All I have to do is take that step and tell God, “Here I am”. A.O.


The student weekend in London was a very refreshing and renewing experience. Meeting new people and being with people who were so passionate about praising the Lord was an amazing experience. I feel like I can go against anything knowing I have an all powerful God by my side.

The praise and worship of course was amazing! During this weekend I really heard God speak to me in ways He has never before. I am so blessed and would definitely encourage people to go next year. L.S.


For me the highlight of my weekend at the student conference was meeting new people from everywhere and getting closer with the girls from Dublin. All the students from EN Dublin came together and we had a chat about different things we struggled with or explained how things in life didn’t turn out a certain way we wanted. We then encouraged each other with truths from the Bible. It reminded me that we all go through hard stuff but God and now these girls have my back! R.T.


It was definitely a great weekend for me to get closer to God and to meet so many brothers and sisters in Christ from Every Nation and experiencing the presence of God together.

I especially loved the worship sessions where I can fully indulge myself in the lyrics of the songs. I personally love this very much – ‘these dry bones will live again, we’re nothing without You, nothing without You’. I get so much strength just by singing those songs.

The one message that I want to share especially – It’s the ‘who’ that matters, not the ‘what’! I believe this is a great message because people tend to forget to enjoy the journey with the right person while reaching for their goals.

A great reminder for me: do not look ‘failure’ as failure because it’s just a life process and we can learn so much from our mistakes and maybe those are just a blessing in disguise. Just follow God and He’ll lead the right path. J.W.


This year’s conference was an amazing Spirit-filled event from start to finish. Even from the first session the Lord’s presence was palpable, and it only got better from there.

I loved every aspect of it (especially the food – thank God for people who can cook!), from meeting prayer warriors from all over Europe to meeting personally with the Lord after dry seasons spiritually.

The worship was great, the rooms were great, everything was great, even the great ping-pong table that eventually broke because everyone played on it!

All in all, this weekend is an amazing way to connect with God and with his Church, equipping and spurring us to fight the good fight in campuses around Europe and the world! A.N.


To me, the greatest thing that God has shown me from this student weekend is that He is always faithful and will never forsake His children. No matter where we wander to and how far we have gone astray, He is always there waiting for us to go back to His side.

We often think that the world has so much to offer us, to feel our thirst and hunger deep within. So we went off to the world seeking for love that our heavenly father has already bestowed upon us. And we stumbled and fall, hurt all over the place to finally realise that it’s not the outside world that can feel our needs, it’s the inner spiritual being, the Holy spirit who is our greatest companion, guiding us and interceding for us.

Being called to be the pianist for this student weekend, I felt very stressful at first. One thing is I know I’m not as good as the previous pianist who is so amazing. Another thing is lacking of practice makes me feel inferior to play with the other members of the band who are all awesome as well.

But throughout the weekend God, in His own ways kept on reminding me that it is the HEART that matters and that He will take care of the rest. I just have to be there and He will use me to be the vessel for Him to flow. The Holy spirit just overwhelmingly took control of every worship sessions and that I don’t have to worry for a single bit at all.

Another awesome bit that I got from student weekend was the testimony I got from a couple from Singapore! Through their testimony, I’ve learnt that God really is a faithful God and that He will grant us the desires of our hearts as we delight in Him. It was truly encouraging and inspirational and I decided that I wanna be like them one day, to walk this path together with my partner, towards God and serve His people together. J.L


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