Let Me Have It

You explode with questions,
Spitting and swarming,
Seeking satisfaction-
But answers don’t soothe,

Don’t touch the depths.
They make them sting,
Salt on skin torn straight
Through to shredded heart:

My darling, you’re bleeding out,
I can see.
I can see. You look at me,
Me, the face of all that’s wrong.

Hurl your words my way.
Let’s have your accusations.
Aim and fire most bitter darts
From hidden parts of you.

Let them find their mark
And burn me through
You’re not sure what I’ll do:
Fight back or point feathers

At your pain. Bring it to me.
When you’ve given all you’ve got
Let me sit and feel the weight of it.
Let it bend my scales.

Show me where it hurts.
Let my eyes study and spill,
My finger gently tracing
Each and every laceration.

Seize my hand. Let your nails
Sink in and when you’ve run
Out of steam…
Let me hold you long.


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