I Too Decided to Write

Systematic Reading Leads to Specific Leading
With RT Kendall’s recent article and Wolfi’s favourite phrase doing laps in my brain (“Systematic reading leads to specific leading”), I sat down to read the next chapter in my Bible reading plan: Luke 1.

I didn’t want to read it. I’d read it countless times before! Sulking, I opened my Bible and ran head-first into God’s heart for me that day. Continue reading

Doing Dishes, Wall Climbing, and 10,000 Hours

In spite of deeply-rooted introvert tendencies, having family together this week showed me that life really is better (and a heck of a lot more fun) when it’s done with other people.

Doing Dishes

Parents, two brothers, and me- we’re only together about twice a year, and this time I got to spend quality time with each person.

Mum and I made soup together, baked cheesecake together, did dishes together (how did I manage to forget that washing up with someone else is much more fun than taking turns?). Dad and I watched dog-training videos on Youtube and films on TV (everything from 1960s war movies to the Hobbit).

I don’t play video games, but I sat beside my brothers as they played while I knit a hat. Even though we weren’t doing the same thing, our proximity allowed us to talk in ways that we don’t get to during the year. Continue reading

More Student Weekend Stories

Here are the full student testimonies that I couldn’t squeeze into my tiny newsletter!

The Every Nation student weekend is one of the most exciting and the most mind-blowing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It was like a complete explosion and expansion of the way I saw God and His plans. From the very moment our relationship with Him was separated because of the first sin, He already had everything planned, to give us Jesus Christ to bring us back to Him. His love for us is that great and I thought, how crazy and wonderful is that? It completely blew my mind and it made me realise that there is nothing to worry about because all is God’s plan. All I have to do is take that step and tell God, “Here I am”. A.O. Continue reading

But There is a Friend…

Every chapter of my life has been marked by an ache. In the good stories it casts a small shadow, in the bad stories it becomes one of the central characters. Loneliness isn’t the mere lack of a friend, it’s the desire to be truly understood. More than that, it’s the desire to be united with the one who understands. I have a suspicion that much of this ache will remain until earth gets swallowed up in eternity and I get to know just as I am known. That said, the Author is full of suprises. Occasionally I turn the page over and stumble into that sense of belonging. Continue reading

Touch: God’s Love through Human Hands

Every Sunday morning there is one ritual I observe almost without fail. I’m not talking about going to church (although that’s usually where it takes place). Each week I walk through the door knowing that a certain someone is waiting somewhere inside. As soon as we spot each other, we fling our arms out wide with silly grins and get ready for the best hug of the week.

This is no sissy-split-second-pat-on-the-back hug. These epic hugs last at least thirty seconds. You know the point where most people start to feel uncomfortable and awkward? We blast gleefully past that point. At some stage one of us will ask the other, “How are you?” and the reply follows: “Better now!” Almost fourteen years old and a few inches taller than me, my friend’s daughter knows instinctively what Neuroscience is now telling us is fact: touch is essential for our well-being. Continue reading

We Breathe, Therefore We Create (Messy, Processing Post Alert!)

Last month I got stuck. My work pace slowed from a crawl to a standstill and I didn’t know how to get moving again. Thankfully, God knew exactly what He was doing and pre-arranged for me to participate in the School of Empowerment. For two whole weeks I breathed in God’s presence during times of worship, Word, and wonder. I travelled home inspired and promptly found myself stuck. Again. Continue reading

The Pen is Mightier than the Toothpick

The dentist was late. Again. And I was thankful. The eighteen minutes gave me space to awaken and assure my soul. As the dental nurse sorted and trimmed dental x-rays she asked me what I do for a living. I tend to hesitate at questions like these. They present me with two options: fob someone off with the standard “I work for a church” reply or answer in a way that invites engagement. This morning I opted for the latter. Continue reading