Mornings often feel like a seed birthing a shoot, desperately pushing for what it hopes is the surface where it can emerge into the light in relief and breathe. This morning I turned to Mister Rogers for some much needed light, playing a playlist of his songs on youtube. In the middle of one of the playlists was Daniel Striped Tiger hanging up a sign that read “143” on the set. 143 being a letter code for “I love you”, with a number matching the number of letters in each word.

I remember my very first email address which began with volare143: volare after the song, meaning “to fly”, and 143 after the code which I think I read about in one of The Babysitters’ Club books!

This morning was slow but Mister Rogers helped me out of bed. I sat down to write out one of the Psalms in cursive writing à la Ray Hughes. I started with Psalm 150 a few days ago and have been working my way forward*, writing each psalm out in its entirety before singing it out loud to myself, to Him, to the house. I’d missed a couple of days so I sat down to write the next Psalm. I started to re-read my script, “I am losing all hope; I am paralysed with fear… Let me hear of Your unfailing love each morning for I am trusting You.” Your unfailing love… guess which psalm it is? 143.

Smiling to myself I got up to add some milk to my coffee just in time to see the washing machine timer blink from 1:44 to 1:43!

On a day where I feel like I don’t feel like I measure up, it is giving me great reassurance that I don’t have to. I am loved right now 🙂

*Unlike most calendars which record time as running from left to right and top to bottom, time in my mind has always flowed from right to left and bottom to top so doing certain things in reverse makes more sense to me.


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